Thursday, November 27, 2008


Heyy , well my birthday justt ended ! Finally I am 12 ! Afterr spending one full fun dayy with Ilaila and Emma ! The dayy wasss damn funnn ! We were like taking pictures to perfection ! Deleting everything that doesn't look nice ! Andd we madee a crazyyy video of us shouting , fighting and doinngg mannyy crazzyyy stuuffffss ! hey, what can i say ? that's just howw girlss roll ! Veryyy funn ! Thenn my mumm came backk and bought a Secret Recipe cakee ! emm yum yum ! On the cake it was written "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADINA ...... !" so then emma's family and my mum and my bro's and ilaila sangg forrr me the birthdayy songg ! Sadlyyy my dad was at hiss office ! he wasnt at home :(! thenn i cut my cakee ! funny thing is my name is ADINA ! so i cut my name to pieces !! first i cut the "A" then ilaila cut the "I" then Emma cutt the "A" alsoo ! hhaahaha ! muchh funn !